San Francisco Bay Area Chapter was established when SEF, USA was founded in 1998 in Milpitas, California. The chapter serves as the headquarters for SEF, USA from where the Board Members and veteran volunteers guide all other SEF chapters throughout the US. A modest team of 3-4 people started the journey, and it has now burgeoned into a strong volunteer movement of 200+ volunteers. The chapter caters to all functioning needs of the organization in donor care, marketing, fundraising, accounting and other relevant areas.

Successful events like the SEF Dandia have played a key role in the growth of the organization. These events are now being replicated across chapters in other areas. A variety of fundraising campaigns include mega concerts by Bollywood musicians such as Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosh and others, donor banquets, festival celebrations like Holi, corporate giving campaigns, individual fund raising campaigns run by children and adults provide continuous funds towards eradicating blindness in India. Given the scale of operations, there is a constant need for volunteers.

Write to us: [email protected] to know how you can contribute.