Washinton D.C

Washington D.C

Our D.C chapter came into existence with volunteers getting together from Maryland and Virginia. Some were introduced through old volunteers while others heard of the cause and expressed a willingness to join. Their first success in fundraising came from Sangam- a musical extravaganza organized in 2014. A popular show, it paved the way for future events and fundraisers. The team has been striving to regularly support SEF through different  activities. They are working to develop a student internship program, that will not only help students volunteer for a cause, but also learn critical life skills. This program will simultaneously develop a mentor program, that will help these students navigate challenges in college, and employment. It will also help build a community of young supporters with a hisotry of community service and they will continue to contribute to the socities in which they live.

For information on how to volunteer, write to : [email protected]

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