SEF welcomes volunteers to take an initiative and organize events that fulfill one of the following goals:

  • Raise funds
  • ​Raise awareness of the cause / Increase donor base
  • Partnership development with other community organizations
  • Biggest benefit from an event is that it energizes and boosts the volunteer base - our biggest asset.

In the past, SEF volunteers have successfully organized banquets, concerts, Dandia nights, and dance performances and other numerous events all across the country.

Some annual events have been synchronized across the country:

  • Navaratri Dandia

    – a great revenue builder. SEF Dandia in the SF Bay area have achieved new heights and become the talk of the town as the biggest, best Dandia ever. 
  • Banquets

    – great avenue to bring in big donors
  • Concerts

    – great avenue to energize volunteers

Sponsor an Event: Get a marketing opportunity for your company by sponsoring SEF events throughout the year.

Current Events

Contact 1-866-SANKARA for more info