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Ramaswamy, age 72, suffered from cataract in both his eyes. He was unable to see beyond a few feet and struggled to complete basic chores. His condition also restricted him from participating in activities he once loved, such as riding his bicycle. Ramaswamy gave up hope of getting his vision back due to his age, lack of financial resources, and his physical distance from the hospital. He attended a free eye camp conducted by Sankara Eye Hospital in his local area.

After being diagnosed with bilateral cataracts, he was recommended for surgery and taken to the hospital. After his successful surgery, he was brought back home by Sankara’s patient transportation bus - a free service provided by Sankara Eye Hospitals.

Post-surgery, Ramaswamy’s life has improved significantly.  He is able to do all his chores independently and is back to doing his favorite activity - riding his bicycle. Curable blindness is taken on a war footing at Sankara, giving people like Ramaswamy a new ray of hope.

Sankara Eye Foundation directly contributes to reducing poverty by helping people regain their eyesight. These valuable efforts help India's rural communities become more productive, earn their dignity, and combat social isolation by enhancing their quality of life.