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Living with A Life Long Scar No More

Sneha, age 12, is the older of a set of twin sisters and was born with a squint in her eye. As she grew older, she became a victim of teasing and bullying at school, which was affecting her adversely. Sankara Eye Hospital’s Rainbow Program conducts screenings at local schools to identify children who suffer from visual impairments. Sankara Eye Foundation transfers those requiring treatment to the base hospital. Sneha is a beneficiary of this program.

At the school screening, the doctor recommended a squint correction procedure, which was successfully performed. Thanks to Sankara Eye Foundation's comprehensive pediatric vision examinations, children like Sneha have been able to avoid further psychological trauma. Her parents are overjoyed that their child can now fully enjoy life without the fear of bullying or teasing. They are grateful to the doctors at Sankara Eye Hospital for giving Sneha a fresh start.

Sankara Eye Foundation directly contributes to reducing poverty by helping people regain their eyesight. These valuable efforts help India's rural communities become more productive, earn their dignity, and combat social isolation by enhancing their quality of life.