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Events are a great way to raise awareness about our cause and spread goodwill among our donor base. They also help us forge partnerships with other organizations and local businesses. Sponsoring our event gives incredible publicity opportunities for our sponsors at the same time support a worthy cause. Most of all, events energize and boost our extraordinary volunteer base; our biggest asset.

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Thousands of People get their Vision

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The magnitude of blindness is enormous. India has the largest population of the world’s blind; with over 45 million visually impaired and 12 million of them totally blind.

Every year, one million more people are added to these statistics. Fortunately, nearly 80% of them can easily be cured if only they can receive the treatment. Sadly, majority of these people lack the knowledge and/or the funds required for the procedures.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to reach out to the rural poor and provide quality eye care free of cost.
SEF derives its strength from its values and they form the core of our functioning and all our undertakings.

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Case Studies


Chitra, 42 years of age suffered from cataract in both her eyes. She only noticed that her vision was deteriorating when she couldn’t read the numbers on the bus. Being a wage earner, it affected here lifestyle and she wasn’t able to do the daily…


Ramaswamy is 72 years old. He suffered immensely due to cataract in both his eyes, couldn’t see beyond a few feet and found great difficulty in doing his basic chores. He also loved to ride the cycle, which was restricted now. He had given up…


Sneha, 12 years old is the older of the twin sisters. She was born a healthy baby, but for the squint in her eye. As she grew older she became a victim of mockery and bullying at school. Her parents were worried that such incidents…


I have recently joined SEF as a volunteer and it is just amazing to see such a fine team dedicated and focussed to achieve one goal – GIFT OF VISION !!!!

Gurpreet singh

There is a saying that “Sarvendriyaanaam Naina Pradhhaanam”. Of all the sense-organs, the eyes are the most important. It is heart-rending to imagine one who cannot cognize the world. Any service to set right this handicap is indeed the noblest.

Krishna Gutala

continuing to expand and introduce new facilities in new cities over the last 10 years that I have followed their development. Renowned for providing surgical services free of charge to those who are not able to afford it. Such a great cause, non profit.

Shaheen Sohi

I have met Muraliji many times and have closely followed the organization activities through volunteering activities. They are doing an excellent job and I highly recommend people to donate and support the cause.

Shikhar Agarwal