Hamara Neta Kaisa Ho! A popular slogan that fits our Himadriji perfectly!

From the word go, Himadri Chakraborty – the executive director of Netaji Eye Hospital, West Bengal - is a flurry of activities – he just manages to be everywhere.

Four months of complete hospital renovation, setting up new systems, new equipment and a hospital spread over 1,20,000 sq ft of land – managing this, plus the logistics of travel for the Sankara Eye Foundation USA board members – this was no easy task at hand.

But Himadri and his able team managed this seamlessly.  

Himadri is a third generation community leader, his grandfather Swami Aseemji had originally set up the Netaji Eye Centre in the remote area of Ramchandrapur.  

He passed on the reins to his son, and later his grandson – Himadri.  

Himadri maintains a very sweet and hospitable demeanor – his Bengali accented “Nomashte!” greets you warmly, even when our troupe of invitees was delayed by several hours arriving at the hotel late at night.

But Himadri is charged with enthusiasm.

He ensures each and every small detail meets his approval, and nothing escapes his notice.

A much-loved leader, he enthralls you with his stories and experiences while keeping another eye on the next item on the agenda.  

He lovingly serves you food and Bengali sweets with his own hands.

He knows every employee and their families by name and talent!

His stories are rooted in history, as the village is known for hosting Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose during the freedom struggle.  

And it's not just the hospital he runs. There is another NGO he has founded for education, a primary school, an ashram, construction of dams and other infrastructure, and the list continues.  

Its men like Himadri that are pillars to the vision Sankara has – they are the hands on the ground who will help us fulfill our mission.