Can the day of Eye Surgery be Her Lucky Day?

A queue of old men and women made their way into the waiting room outside the operation theatre, where they would change into scrubs for their impending cataract surgery.

An old woman, her green saree pallu over her head, was mumbling something as she passed through the door. It sounded like a quick prayer to her favorite deity.

She looked upbeat as we asked her to pose for a few pictures.

It was then that we noticed a knot at the end of her saree pallu.

What is that? We asked her.

It’s for good luck for my surgery, she replied, with a smile!

Well, good luck to all those who are being treated for eye ailments in all the hospitals of Sankara all over India.

Thanks to our donors, we are able to provide 3,30,000 people with free eye surgeries at 27 hospitals in India.