Dr Sahoo - A hero from the grassroots

My mother gave away the only saree she possessed – the one she was wearing!

Dr Sahoo was barely 10-11 years old, when he witnessed the scene at his home – which was barely a hut in a remote village of Odisha. His parents were poor labourers, and he himself, the last one among six siblings.  

One day, a beggar came along asking for some food. The beggar girl was dressed in rags that barely covered her.  

Dr. Sahoo’s mother, herself a poor labourer, wrapped herself in a towel and gave away her only saree to the beggar girl.  

This incident created an indelible mark in the mind of the young boy.  

He aspired to be a doctor. He studied hard and completed his MBBS and MS (Opthal) - and started a clinic which treated poor patients for free.

His batchmates were buying houses and big cars.

But he is content with his life.

Today, we feel proud of him, with 2 eye hospitals under his achievements, he has proven to the world, that indeed, charity begins at home.

He has done thousands of free eye surgeries, and will now be headlining Sankara’s Kalahandi Partner Project.

May the gift of vision started by Dr Sahoo spread light in the world!