Arjun - The Math Teacher in Remote Bihar

The distance from the eye camp held by Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital to the beneficiary’s home in the village was a good half an hour walk.

We were accompanied by some volunteers from the camp, the local grassroots politician, a social worker, and a shy young man in a red shirt with a bag in his hand.

After walking some distance, we were introduced to the young man – Arjun – who could speak in English.

Considering this was a remote village with no access to proper schools or educational institutes, we were quite surprised to hear someone speak in English – though a bit broken - quite confidently.

We chatted all the way into the village, as he spoke about his occupation – teaching Math and Physics to High School students,  about his family – he had five married sisters, and one unmarried,  his interest in local politics, and the natural beauty in the village.

He spoke about women’s empowerment, the various setbacks women faced in the villages, and how he always encouraged his sisters to complete their education.

As we were leaving to get back to the camp, he handed the bag to us.

It was full of ripe mangoes!

This young boy did not know us, or have any connection with us; he was not even part of the camp volunteer team.

Yet, out of kindness, he showed his hospitability, welcomed us to his village, entertained us and even gave us a  gift!

Indeed, we find people with beautiful hearts in unexpected places!!

In his own words, “Hum toh swarg mein rehte hai!”